Monday, September 20, 2010


This story started last year with the title Sweet Cousins and featuring an archaeologist called Salima Dix and a security expert called Ulysses Mbondo. The action was set in this same Floating Island you will see in the fourth episode, but on Panamanian waters, not the Mediterranean. A draft of the story with the first five pages was sent to some publishers but there was no reaction.
This year I decided at first to revive Li Moonface and adapt the story to her surroundings, with the title The Cooing of the Furies, which I never liked very much (although the same title in Portuguese sounds much better).
Finally, at the last minute (this meaning last month) I changed Li so much that she became a different character, Miss Li, and integrated the plot in the broader series The World of Miss Li (is always slightly ahead of us). In meanwhile she became just Li and with a different story.

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